Vintage Garden

An old vintage garden is a place of complete freedom and relaxation. It is a wild and overgrown piece of nature, with a unique whimsical touch and a vintage charm of an unkempt woodsy thicket.

Most vintage gardens seem to set a romantic tone. Maybe it is because pastel shades are favored here, or perhaps it is because fragrant flowers are popular in this kind of garden. Peonies and old roses scent the air and add that touch of sumptuous sensuality.

The call of a vintage garden, filled with a profusion of flowers and smelling of roses, dianthus, and lilacs, is alluring indeed. The image of a resplendent, colorful garden has enticed many a homeowner to install a picket fence and a bounty of flowers in the hopes of creating such a haven.

Soft, curving pathways are at home in an old garden. They add to the homey feeling and invite people to explore further. You can use hard surfacing like bluestone, brick, or a combination of old bricks, tile, and stone. Soft paving like wood chips and gravel also work well as long as the walkway is edged to hold these materials in bounds.

It's a perfect place for refreshed antiques, handpainted, distressed furniture, salvaged goods, primitives and vintage-inspired garden décor. An old wheelbarrow in a corner or moss-covered statuary in a bed will make a final touch to your old garden. Tools, lanterns, and stone finials - anything goes in a vintage garden tableau.

Of all garden styles, the vintage garden is one that is meant to delight and appeal to your own personal taste. This is the exact place to plant cabbage among the flowers or Swiss chard along the path. Follow no rules. Plant whatever appeals to you — there is no ‘no’.