Japanese Garden

Japanese garden on your backyard is where East meets West. No more exhausting long haul flights. Just one step out into your own backyard and you are in Japan. You can create a neat pond with real waterfall with hand-laid rock formations. A Japanese-style lanterns, various types of maples and rhododendrons will add oriental flair to your garden.

Plants for the oriental garden should be carefully picked, depending on the climate in which your site is situated. Yews, cedars, spruce trees, boxwoods, azaleas, ferns, and astilbes will make the right choice for the Japanese garden. Natural moss growth thrives in the shady areas of the garden, adding soft yin to the yang of the hard stone.

In the fall, the maples provide a continuum of color, starting in August and going on until December.

In Japanese gardens, straight lines combine with natural curvy forms for contrast. An intricate combination of meandering stone pathways, Japanese-themed lanterns and statuary, stone-framed ponds filled with koi and goldfish, waterfalls and streams, different species of plants and trees will create a unique flair of Oriental magic in your garden.

In case your place is spacious enough, you can even build a Japanese-style teahouse and an Emperor gate, which will turn your landscape into a real masterpiece.